Our Products & Services

The team @ PTM have developed a varied range of products & services to assist it clients.

Training Modules

"In a Global survey of over 5000 travel agents, testing attitudes toward supplier training and the online environment, more than half the respondents (55%) rated online training as their preferred method of training as it allowed them to learn in their free time from a variety of locations, including home. While 99% said they would undertake further online training."*

How Did We Rate

Finally a fully automated system that delivers clientele/guest feedback you require without placing a drain on your valuable human resources. A system that tells you what your clients are honestly thinking as well as building a valuable database of past clients/guests for future target marketing......

HowDidWeRate.com is a fully automated system that removes the time consuming, resource draining and costly element out of building client databases and collation of feedback from past guests/clients.